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The Songs and Dances of Our Ancestors

I love imagining the songs and dances of my Mayan ancestors. By observing other indigenous cultures, we can catch glimpses of what has been lost. As descendants of Ancestors who were Native to the Americas, we share more similarities than differences. It is important to honor our distinctions and empathize with one another by putting ourselves in each other's shoes. Only then can we realize our shared humanity and the truth that we are all interconnected.

To understand the songs, dances, and plant allies of our ancestors, we can learn from the wisdom keepers and elders. However, much has been lost and stolen. Therefore, it is important to listen to the wisdom and memories within our hearts, as we carry the ways of our ancestors in our bodies and bones. Our innate power and connection to our ancestors, the Earth, and the cosmos cannot be taken away. It is our birthright to be in communion with these profound forces. Nonetheless, it is essential to approach this journey with reverence, good intentions, and a balanced perspective that acknowledges our power while humbling ourselves.

Our legacy is to remember, reclaim, and restore what rightfully belongs to us and future generations. Many of us feel the pain and longing caused by the loss of our ancestral songs, dances, and the ability to communicate with the magical world around us—nature's trees, rivers, and rocks. There is a collective yearning for reconnection, and it is our responsibility to mend the broken web. By uniting our Native roots, we can complete the unfinished songs and dances that have been neglected for too long. Each of us possesses a key to unlock the door to our ancient future together.

In our journey to reclaim our wise and beautiful ways, we must acknowledge that we are all part of one human family and native to the Earth. Although we are interconnected in the web of life, our individual levels of remembrance and understanding differ. Visualize yourself as a spark of light on a web, starting at the edges, feeling separate from the whole like an outsider. This is a natural part of life, as the purpose of our physical existence is to remember and express a unique emanation of love while returning home to our center. We experience temporary separation to learn how to reconnect with love in both profound and subtle ways. Polarity is an inherent aspect of life that brings depth and sweetness to our experiences. The bitter moments allow us to appreciate the sweet ones, and the contrasting experiences enrich our journey.

Acknowledging what has been lost and the pain associated with it is essential. We need to grieve and heal the hurts inflicted upon our ancestors and ourselves. Once we create space to listen to the whispers of our hearts, we can remember that we are healing and whole. We can honor our differences and similarities, appreciating rather than appropriating. By bridging the gaps in the web, we can reintegrate ourselves into wholeness. Although the web may appear broken due to fragmentation, we are, in fact, whole and interconnected. As we move closer to our center, we will remember our essential place within the web of life.

Embracing our wholeness brings about a sense of health, happiness, and harmony. We heal not only for our lineage but also for the collective, as we usher in a new and beautiful way of being. We should feel immense gratitude for being entrusted with the divine responsibility to reclaim our truth and power. Walking this path with others who recognize their vital role in collective healing and this movement is a true blessing. Let us seize this opportunity to celebrate our ancestral magic and speak up for our grandmothers and grandfathers. It is a cause for joy and celebration that we can now reclaim our wise ways and shine fully in our authenticity. We do this not only for ourselves but also for the ancestors who could not.

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This music of mine came to my mind when I read your blog post! My ancestors are Mayan:

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