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a little about me...

“You are a child of magic. One day you will forget and then remember who you truly are. Thus you will shine with brilliant light, reminding others of their inner radiance,” said Pachamama. “All in right timing.”

-  A Child of Magic

I knew from a young age, that I wanted to use my skills to empower others. After recognizing my connection to and passion for ceremonial cacao, yoga, and wellness, I realized that I was a magical being on the path to remembering.

My book A Child of Magic, as well as the adapted screenplay Lana Livia and The Ancestral Magic, are both based on my own journey of remembrance, serving as a reminder to reconnect with the innate magic within and around us.

After my father took his life, I felt I had lost a part of myself that I’d never be able to connect with again. That is until I discovered Mayan cacao from Guatemala. While there, I reunited with my heart, ancestry, and ancestral plant medicine. I felt a clear connection and a deep knowing that I was meant to work with cacao ceremonially, not only for my own healing but for the healing of the world. Ever since this discovery, I've been sharing cacao in ceremony through The Maltyox (Gratitude) Method and my stories with communities worldwide.

After facilitating healing and transformation within many communities, including Poosh Wellness, Alo Yoga, and countless masterminds, I've taken what I've learned to author my next book — a guide for readers to experience full self-liberation through harnessing the power of gratitude.

My wish is to cultivate love and enrich others lives with sharing my gifts, my truth expression, and magical creations. To embody gratitude, the love, light, & magic and inspire others to do the same. I hope with all of my creations I can inspire others to live in their truth and tap into their magic.

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