Christine Olivia 

Christine Olivia Hernandez is the creator of the Maltyox Method, an author, cacao enthusiast, and artist. 

Christine Olivia's GuateMayan ancestors have deeply connected her to the gentle plant medicine cacao. She enjoys creating, expressing, and helping others through storytelling and the Maltyox Method.

The Maltyox Method is a gratitude method and transformative experience for the body, mind, and spirit. Through guided instruction, meditation, beautiful music, and the assistance of the gentle plant cacao, students experience heart expansion, mind clearing & release that builds a strong body and spirit.

Christine Olivia has a magical screenplay that is an adapted version of her published book, "A Child of Magic," a fantasy based on her own journey of remembering with cacao and a reminder to tap into the inner child, truth, and magic. 

“You are a child of magic. One day you will forget and then remember who you truly are. Thus you will shine with brilliant light, reminding others of their inner radiance,” said Pachamama. “All in right timing.”

-  A Child of Magic

About Me

After recognizing my connection to and passion for ceremonial cacao, yoga, and wellness, I realized that I was a magical being on the path to remembering.

My wish is to cultivate love and enrich others lives with sharing my gifts, my truth expression, and magical creations. 

To embody gratitude, the medicine, the love, light, and the magic and inspire others to do the same.

I hope with all of my creations I can inspire others to live in their truth and tap into their magic. 

I lives in Los Angeles with my partner and am passionate about the arts in all the forms it takes.