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1-on-1 SpiritualMentorship

to connect to your truth & magic

My desire is to help you come into alignment with your body, mind, and soul  so that you can step into and live in your truth.  


It's our sacred opportunity to align with our soul path by healing our inner-child,  remembering our magic, and bringing healing to the world through our unique expressions and creations. 

I wish to guide you into deep listening so that you find what that looks like for you.

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About me

I am Christine Olivia Hernandez, founder of The Maltyox Method & Cacao Magick. I'm a signed Nonfiction Author, (newest book to be released 2024) and author of A Child of Magic. I am a modern medicine woman of Mayan descent, a mystic, facilitator, guide, and indigenous storyteller. My passion is to remind you of your inner truth, innate magic, ancestral roots, and intuitive wisdom.

After recognizing my connection to and passion for ceremonial cacao, yoga, and wellness, I realized that I was a magical being on the path of remembering. After facilitating healing and transformation within many communities, including Poosh Wellness, Alo Yoga, and countless masterminds, I've taken everything I've learned from that experience to guide people 1-on-1 to discover full self-liberation through harnessing the power of gratitude.

For those who want to come into alignment with their body, mind, and soul so that they can walk into their next phase of life with more clarity and connection to their truth and innate magic.  

Mentorship is a rite of passage that has been passed down across cultures through all lineages. My offering is to guide you via the wisdom of my ancestral Mayan lineage.


Rite of passage work allows you to safely pass the threshold of one phase of life into the next with the support and guidance of someone who has walked the path before you. 


My mentorship approach allows for the fullness of your true self and all parts of you to be felt, expressed, and integrated so that you can show up in your wholeness. This will be transformational and like a homecoming; an opportunity to imagine, manifest, and to celebrate. This will be magical way for you to come into embodied remembrance. My work is rooted in the ways of the wise woman traditions, Mayan traditions that will support you in bringing you back to your own wise ways. 


As you complete this journey, you will reclaim your power, ancestral wisdom, womb inheritance, sensual expression, creative genius, feminine belonging, and sense of purpose. 

I wish to assist you in cultivating love and enrich your life so that you embody gratitude, the love, light, & magic and inspire others to do the same.




This is the most affordable, practical way for you to receive consistent support and full access to the wisdom I've learned after dedicating years in the study of Mayan wisdom, wise & wild woman traditions, trauma-informed counseling, yogic practices, herbalism, and more. 

If you purchase One Month (2 Sessions), you get a full Mayan Birth Chart reading ($222 value) AND I am available for unlimited texts and emails during this time. This allows you to have someone you can trust to talk with and receive the full benefits of your commitment.

Please complete this application as thoughtfully and thoroughly as you can so we can make the most of our call. One-word answers will be considered incomplete, and your application will be denied. Please share as much as you can to help paint a vibrant picture of who you are and why you are being called to this space. On our call you will have a chance to share more details as well as ask any questions you may have.


Thank you for your time and openness as we get to know each other!

~Christine Olivia

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Get in touch for your Mentorship Application

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