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Reading with Coffee

A Child of Magic Ceremonial Book Club

Guidance by the heart, for the heart.

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Presented by Christine Olivia,
author of
A Child of Magic and
founder of the
Maltyox Method

Do you love expanding your soul through reading?  Do you find joy in dance and play? Are you ready to connect with other magical beings?

If so, this rare opportunity is for you! For 3 magical weeks we will gather each Sunday, beginning with a cacao ceremony, leading into discussion about the chapters read. During each ceremony we will discover how the story inspires us to feel into the magic that is available to us, connect with our inner-child, and heal our hearts. By fully connecting with our hearts and the truth of who we are, we can finally find the freedom to play and live out our destiny of bliss. If Lana can do it, so can you!

Next Gathering date TBD

~  A Child of Magic 3-week Ceremonial Book Club  ~


To begin our gathering, we will open with a special guided cacao ceremony, having already read the chapters listed for each week in preparation. As you read, it is encouraged to create a ceremony of your own (the book gives you details on how to do so), that way we join together, we are present and open to allowing the inner-child to be felt, fully ready to discuss the book, feel into the magic, and healing our hearts! 

And to be fully prepared, please make sure to get the book here and Cacao Magick here.

limited spots available to create an intimate, sacred, and powerful container. 

Blessings Children of Magic!

With love and gratitude,

Christine Olivia 

Imagine... gently waking up and after settling into the day, you make a cup of warm cacao. To continue your bliss, you begin reading a magical book, diving deeper into a world of imagination and play.


Does this sound like the perfect way to spend your sacred time?

If so, then you might want to consider joining A Child of Magic Ceremonial Book Club.

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