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Mayan Calendar Converter

The Mayan Calendar or Chol Qij is a sacred calendar that is 260 days. It includes 20 nawales, which is the essence of creation, and 13 numbers that carry an energy of their own. The calendar is based on the movement of the stars and the sun. It is considered the calendar of reality because it helps us to navigate our reality. We even find that Mayan temples were built in honor of the movement around the heart of the sky. We are connected to the stars and the sun, they give us our personalities and inform us on our path. The calendar can help us see our becoming, like from egg to ascension, just like human gestation is 260 days after the seed of the soul is placed within the cells of the embryo. Also like the amount of time it takes Maize to come to fruition.

 The calendar reminds us it was already written in the stars. 

Life is governed by sacred geometry, the Mayans were wise ancients that were astrologers and mathematicians that left us codes to unlock the mathematical nature of reality. 

The calendar allows us to learn ourselves and we can apply this understanding so that we can come into harmony within our inner and outer worlds. 


The calendar ties the Heart of the sky with our heart and the Heart of Gaia. 


In Mayan astrology, you are born on one of the 260 days of the sacred calendar. This is known as your awach q’ij (face of the sun). It consists of a number between 1 and 13 combined with one of twenty nawales. Both the numbers and the nawales all have different characteristics. The combination of the number and the nawal is thought to determine your personality, your strengths and your weaknesses. Typically a lower number has less effect than a higher number. 


Additionally, this is modified by the year in which you were born. The 260-day sacred calendar interacts with a 365-day solar calendar known as the Macewal Q’ij or normal days. The first day of the solar calendar is known as the arrival of the Mam, or old man, the carrier of time.

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The Nawals carry different energies, some carry the energy of leaders, the arts, of the plants, of  the healers, the prayer makers, and some of law keepers. Often we see in our society that what comes naturally to us gets swept aside in order to find a career that pays more. In order for us to live in harmony we get to know ourselves better and work with what comes naturally to us. When you honor your natural talents daily you will live in harmony with the energy of your nawal. This is how we can be good at something and find success with what we love doing.  

Mayan astrology is helpful in that it can guide us on our life path, in relationships, when we’ve reached a crossroads, or when we just don’t know what to do next in our professional lives. It can also be helpful to determine what may come easy for children in order to guide them and bring out their gifts. 


The calendar ties the Heart of the Sky with our heart and to the Heart of Gaia. 

The calendar helps us to advance through the game of life. It shows us more about ourselves and that may inform us to use our energy in a good and harmonious way,so that we go forward in a good way and enjoy the game. 

We can learn about ourselves, and recognize what may be out of balance, so that we can come back into balance and harmony within ourselves and live in a natural and good way on Earth. Just like nature loves balance, we too love balance and when we are balanced we live in harmony. 

The cross consists of a formula that allows us to figure out our true nature and shine light on how we can live our best lives. It shows us what comes easy and we can figure out what we love doing so that we may live out our true lifes purpose, our dharma, or ikigai- a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living.

(Note: If you'd like a full reading, “Maya Tree of life” consists of working out your cross, going in depth about your nawal, sharing your trecena, year bearer, and Mayan Birthday, that is included in a full Mayan Calendar reading not the Free reading.) 

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