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Mayan Astrology Reading


The Mayan Calendar or Chol Qij is a sacred calendar based on the movement of the stars and the sun. It is considered the calendar of reality because it helps us to navigate our reality.


We even find that Mayan temples were built in honor of the movement around the heart of the sky. We are connected to the stars and the sun, they give us our personalities and inform us on our path.


The sacred calendar is 260 days and can help us see our becoming, like from egg to ascension, just like human gestation is 260 days after the seed of the soul is placed within the cells of the embryo.


The calendar reminds us it was already written in the stars. It ties the Heart of the sky with our heart and the Heart of Gaia.

The “Maya Tree of life” reading will inform you of the energy you were born with, your Nawal, allowing you to see your strengths and weaknesses. 

Life is governed by sacred geometry. The Maya were wise ancients, astrologers and mathematicians that left us codes to unlock the true nature of reality. This reading may help you to understand yourself so that you may come into harmony with your inner and outer world and live your life’s purpose. 

NOTE: Your birthday is required for this service to formulate your Nawal and Cross. 

Private Cacao Ceremony 

If you'd like to dive deep with me and the spirit of cacao, I am offering a one-on-oneon one healing heart ceremony. This includes cacao ceremony, meditation, and movement.
Here we can drop in deeply, connect, and tap into your truth, magic, and purpose. 

NOTE: Your own cacao is necessary for this booking. Find a block of ceremonial cacao here.