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Pure Mayan Ceremonial Cacao

What is a Cacao Ceremony?


A cacao ceremony is a sacred space that allows you to deeply connect with your inner self and your heart. It allows you to connect with your purpose, release old patterns and traumas, and opens you up to become more loving. Once you set your intentions, the cacao allows you to deepen your self-awareness and allow for more insights.


With these beautiful properties you will feel, on a physical level, more happy, relaxed, and open. If you drink cacao and then just go about your day, you may hardly notice the subtle differences in your body. If you drink it intentionally in ceremony by creating sacred space, you will feel the difference. With focused attention, you can feel more deeply and feel energetic healing.


Cacao offers you the chance to transmute and transcend negative emotions and assist you in healing through energetic release. If you feel emotional you may want to cry, if you feel silly you may laugh and want to giggle, or you may want to sweat, dance, or sing. Or you may want to meditate and journal. Whatever you feel is perfect.


Give yourself space to let whatever needs to come through to come. Simply let yourself feel deeply into whatever is.

It started when Cacao reintroduced me to my heart, my father, and my lineage. I reconnected with my Ancestral Plant Medicine Magic...

In the Summer of 2015, I was in Bali when my life changed forever, I was miraculously introduced to Mayan Ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala. Guatemala was where my father and our ancestors were from. I felt an instant connection to my ancestors calling me to the land to connect with them and with the cacao spirit. I went to Guatemala not long after and have been deeply connected to my purpose of sharing this magical plant medicine with the world. I am called to share my ancestors gift and it’s been a blessing to be of service in this way. 

           I want to add that I knew my father was from Guatemala, but I had never really gotten to know him in the physical form, he was ill equipped to be in my life since I was a child and took his life when I was 22 years old. So, the cacao spirit gave me the opportunity to connect with him on a deep level, with his spirit, on the truest level that’s possible. I feel him deeply and know that he is one with me. He has always been with me, watching over me, and living vicariously through me. This is important to feel because we will all lose a loved one, and the cacao can divinely connect you deeply with your ancestors’ spirit and with your wholeness and oneness. The ancestors love you unconditionally and are cheering you on, guiding you, supporting you, loving you in all your fullness and Magic!
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We make pure ceremonial cacao accessible and easy to use. Our products and offerings are how we show sacred activism in response to a consumptive and exploitative chocolate industry. Working personally with indigenous farmers and women's collectives, we are restoring right relation to Mother Earth and her medicines. By interacting with this Magick, you are in direct and right connection to the simple yet profound blessings that come from reverence for all involved with this sacred process of pure ceremonial cacao cultivation and production, 

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